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When your kids want to spend the day sledding, building snowmen or simply playing outside in the cold, a coat and a pair of gloves may not be enough to keep them warm. In chilly weather, hours of fun must be paired with good-quality clothing that keeps your child's head and neck warm. We believe that kids outdoor clothing can be both practical and trendy. Our collection of kids active clothing accessories includes a wide variety of beanies, neck tubes, neck warmers and balaclavas.

With so many different colors and patterns to choose from, you are sure to find gear to suit every child's personality. For a more traditional look, choose a neck warmer in a solid color such as black, navy or red. To mix things up a bit, try out our eye-catching neck tubes that come in both black-and-white and tie-dye patterns. If your kid loves animals, a beanie or balaclava decorated with cats may be the perfect match. No matter how active your children are or how they spend their time outside, our headwear and neckwear will keep even the rowdiest kids cozy.