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It’s hard keeping up with your young adventurers, but you wouldn’t have it any other way! It seems like they are no sooner awake than they are heading out the door on their next escapade. They live life to the fullest and take on each day with curiosity and enthusiasm. They aren’t afraid to express themselves in all that they do and in the clothes they wear. A youth neck gaiter is not just a functional piece of material; it is also a statement. A kids’ face gaiter can be put to many uses, from face protection to hair pony. A variety of colors and patterns lets your children choose one that fits their personality.

Turtle Fur® offers a wide variety of styles that are designed with kids in mind. All of our Totally Tubular™ youth neck tubes are incredibly comfortable while also providing the protection they need for their outdoor adventures. No matter which kids neck gaiter they choose, you can rest easy knowing it provides antimicrobial and SPF 50+ protection. A Turtle Fur® kids gaiter mask is also breathable, quick-drying and moisture-wicking. Whether they’re heading out for the sledding hill or on a hike with their friends, our Totally Tubular neck tubes will keep them covered.