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Maskot Windbloc Balaclava

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Our Original Turtle Fur® Maskot™ is a windproof face mask that features a double-layer Original Turtle Fur Fleece® neck warmer and Comfort Shell™ Performance Fabric moisture-wicking hood. With full coverage from the elements, the combination of the incredibly soft neck trapping heat and around the collar, a wind-deflective Polartec® Windbloc® Fleece face mask and snug-fitting hood make facing time outdoors in the coldest weather, better. With the sleek Comfort Shell™ hood providing protection from wind, cold and weather on the outside (with a soft, warm brushed interior staying snuggly on the inside), the Maskot™ is ideal for under helmets, hats and hoods- making it the ultimate choice in full face, head and neck coverage for cold weather.

  • Fit Type: Regular

  • *Please note that this product is not considered PPE. Wearing it in public is not scientifically proven to prevent you from contracting the virus, or passing it to someone else. For questions relating to Coronavirus and CDC approved facemasks, please visit the CDC's website or talk to your healthcare provider.
  • Soft & Warm

    Soft & Warm

  • Polartec Windbloc Windproof Protection

    Polartec Windbloc Fleece

    Blocks 100% of the wind and offers maximum protection from the elements.