Camping Meal Ideas & Tips

Camping Meal Ideas & Tips

- by Felicia Wong

When camping, there’s always a lot to pack and prepare. Figuring out meals is yet another task. To make it a little easier to get out there, we’re sharing some of our go-to camping meal ideas and tips. I will indicate which items are prepared on a camp stove (CS), charcoal bbq (BBQ) or over an open fire (OF).

picture of platers of food on a picnic table

Camping Breakfast Ideas

  • Chocolate chip pancakes and fruit
  • Mini muffins, yogurt with granola and fruit
  • Eggs, hash browns, sausages (CS)
  • Breakfast burritos (CS)
  • Avocado toast
picture of cut up fruit, muffins and hash browns on a picnic table

Camping Lunch Ideas

  • Croissant ham and cheese sandwiches, apples
  • Individual salads (we often pick up ones from Trader Joe's)
  • Cheese and Charcuterie
picture of woman placing a charcuterie board on picnic table

Camping Dinner Ideas

  • Burgers and hot dogs (BBQ or OF) with fixings (condiments, onions, lettuce, mustard, ketchup, pickles), chips, watermelon
  • Fajitas (CS): Tortillas, carne asada or chicken, frozen fajita veggie mix (peppers and onions), chips and guacamole or campfire nachos (OF), tortilla soup (OF)
  • Tri tip steak (BBQ or OF), caprese salad, grilled garlic bread
picture of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers on a picnic table

Camping Meal Tips & Tricks

  • We are weekend warriors and often leave for camp after work. To make that first evening a bit a little easier, we like to pack sandwiches or pick up takeout on our way. That way our focus on the first night is setting up camp and relaxing by the campfire.
  • If camping as a group, we organize ahead of time what each meal theme will be. Each person or family contributes to the meal - appetizer, main dish, sides.
  • Whenever possible, prep the menu items ahead of time. I like to use meal planning reusable containers and have all my cheeses, fruit, etc. cut up so it’s ready to go at camp.
  • Take short cuts! Use pre-marinated meats, frozen vegetables, meal packets to save some time and steps at camp.
  • When there is a pizza place nearby, give yourself a break for one of the meals, and order pizza.
picture of person slicing steak on a cutting board

PS: For dessert, don’t forget the s’mores! Happy Camping!

picture of boy taking bite out of a s'more

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