Kids Camping Gear - What You Need

Kids Camping Gear - What You Need

- by Arsal Sher of Fire Pit Surplus

In the age of iPads, laptops, and video games, there are fewer and fewer activities that you can enjoy as a family without having to worry about being connected to the internet. Thankfully, camping remains one of the best getaways you and your kids can have from a tech-filled routine.

One of the major upsides to camping is that while there is a lot of planning required for the trip, you can’t really mess up by leaving stuff behind. It’ll just make the experience more authentic. That being said, you do want to make things easier for yourself on the trip.

As a parent, it’s always important to plan ahead for your kids. After all, most of the adult equipment that you use just isn’t built for them, and in some situations, they will probably end up needing their own.

family camping posing in front of tent

Here are some of the essentials that you might need to pack for your young one, other than the basics of course:

1. Snacks For That Unpredictable Appetite

A variety of traditional snacks and things to munch on can be all the difference between a good camping trip and a memorable one. With the right foods, a nice selection of your kid's favorite foods, and a few juices to keep them hydrated, a camping trip can just as easily become one of your kids’ favorite activities.

closeup of granola bar with mountains in background

Some snack options include trail mix, granola, bars, and fresh fruit. Homemade snacks are also great ideas. A packed sandwich to be enjoyed in the great outdoors after a hike ends up being absolutely divine.

And of course, no camping trip is complete without marshmallows, chocolate, and your favorite crackers. This ensures that your nights around the campfire are full to the brim with ghost stories and smores.

2. Safety Supplies

A camping trip doesn’t just mean you go out into the great outdoors and stay in a tent. Camping trips with your kids are all about bonding, learning, and having new experiences. And while you should stick to daytime activities to stay safe, the occasional stargazing session really can’t be done when the sun’s out.

No matter what you plan on doing, your kids should have their own safety essentials with them. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean knives, a flashlight and maybe a walking stick wouldn’t entirely be out of place.

You could also give your kids a whistle in case they end up lost or in danger. This makes them significantly easier to locate.

person opening a bandaid

3. Board Games and Other Entertainment

While going camping as a family is definitely an activity in itself, the average camping trip lasts almost three days. And while there are definitely loads of activities to partake in on a camping trip, your kids getting tired is inevitable.

On that note, it’s advisable to get a couple of board games that you can enjoy as a family when you’re all tired from your day but just not that sleepy.

Games like Chutes and Ladders, Clue, or Monopoly will guarantee a few hours of entertainment at the least, and if that isn’t up your alley, a deck of cards or a few books to read under the sun will work just as well.

4. Hiking Equipment

It’s not entirely uncommon for a camping trip to also turn into a hiking trip as well. Most campgrounds, along with their scenic views, also have a hiking trail that you can use.

This means that packing a bit of hiking equipment for you and your kids might be a smart idea, even if the plan is a bit spontaneous. And while hiking equipment is mostly the same for kids and adults, your child will definitely need more water than you to survive a long hike.

On that note, it’s a good idea to get your kid their own backpack. This can include important supplies like snacks for a quick burst of energy, a small first aid kit instead of smaller injuries, and maybe even a walking stick to help them on their hike.

5. Weather Appropriate Clothing

Perhaps the most important factor to take into consideration when thinking about taking your kids on a camping trip is the weather.

When camping, the weather can be deceptively easy to underestimate. And while, as an adult, your immunity to changes in temperature is significantly better developed, your kid will be a tad more affected.

The best solution to this is layered clothing, especially with how easy to take off and put on it is. It’s amazing for helping your kids cool off or warm back up as the temperature changes throughout your trip.

Nobody wants to come back from a camping trip covered in bug bites or a bad sunburn. To avoid any unnecessary pain or itching, you should consider purchasing neck gaiters, pants, bug repellents, sunscreen, and full sleeve shirts.

child hiking with lake and mountains in background

Here’s to hoping this helps you in making better purchases when going camping with your kids. Happy exploring!