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Green Up Day at The Turtles' Nest

Green Up Day at The Turtles' Nest

Being a Vermont company comes with a lot of perks. Afternoon skiing, weekend hiking, scenic views from every angle and a whole lot of fresh air are just a few of the reasons that The Turtles of Turtle Fur are so in love with where we work. 

Another, lesser known perk of being Vermont based is something called Green Up Day. Green Up Day is a day dedicated to encouraging Vermont residents and business employees to take time out of their busy schedules and unite forces - all to pick up litter from around their immediate neighborhoods. The event traditionally takes place on the first Saturday in May, though many Vermonters use the first week of May as an opportunity to Green Up together. Green Up Day was launched in 1970 by Governor Deane Davis. Since 1979, the non-profit organization Green Up Vermont carries on the annual tradition with pride. The state-wide event gathers over 22,000 volunteers to come together and remove litter from Vermont’s roadsides and public spaces.

Turtle Fur Giving Back TOGETHER by Cleaning Up Our Environment!

Signature green garbage bags can be seen dotting the highways, roads and by-ways in every town, showing that so many Vermonters care deeply about helping to keep the state clean and green for generations to come.

As Spring sprung at Turtle Fur's headquarters, everyone was excited for our own Green Up Day meeting outside. Every year when we gather to collect rubbish, we find weird, funny, gross and eccentric items that somehow made their way into the grass, hidden in the forest, behind buildings and plastered to shrubbery around and beyond the Turtles' Nest grounds. While it's a shame that some people litter, we know it's an inevitable part of life. Doing everything we can to ensure that nothing is left behind by the time we pile up our green bags helps us to know we're doing out part. It's all smiles when we snap our traditional post-Green Day company photo.

This year, we made a video of our Green Up Day experience so that everyone can see that helping the community can be as FUN as you make it! With the right people, you're in for chatter, laughs, and smiles while working together towards the common goal of a beautiful Vermont.