Guide: Turtle Fur's Back To School 101

Guide: Turtle Fur's Back To School 101


Fall is slowly closing in on Summer, with crisp air beginning to mark the nights of September's calendar page...

As your agenda fills up with autumn to do's, make sure you include Turtle Fur's accessories and back-to-school gear for a fresh start on a great year!


Lesson 1: More Than Just Hats


This year, Turtle Fur has you covered underneath your coat, too! Our new T-shirt designs have awesome graphics, including fun athletic turtles getting outside and staying active! Check out our Stand Up Paddle boarding turtle T and don't miss our Skateboarding Turtle design either!




Lesson 2: Sip On This


Hydration is key - for focus, health & after school activities, too! From water to coffee, Monday's sips have never looked so cool. The bright colors and smooth matte finish of our Mizu® water bottles are just the beginning of why we love them so much (and can't live without them, really). They keep drinks cold and come with an awesome carabiner-friendly cap (one is even glow in the dark!) so you can hook 'em onto backpacks and zoom off to school! Our fun designs on the Klean Kanteen® insulated bottles will be another pick-me-up in every parent's "school fuel." Take your java on the go, because this coffee container will keep your brew warm from the morning drop off to the sports practice pick up - 10 hours!




Lesson 3: Stay Warm In The Fall


There's no way around it: Kids need hats, necks and headbands to keep the chill out while they get accustomed to the new season. Make sure that everyone is prepared by always having our single and double layer necks and hats on hand. What's even better? Our new stylish collection for the season is out and ready to be placed atop your little ones' heads. See how pretty and dapper the choices are here!




Lesson 4: Cafeteria Cool Factor


Ready to be the talk of the table? Bring in one of our sporks and it will be obvious who everyone should sit next to! A bright array of colors means you don't have to sacrifice matching your Mizu® Water Bottle, either!
In closing.....

Lesson 5: Always Do a Recap

Shop Clothes, Hats, Neck Warmers, Water Bottles, Coffee Mugs and More

We think we've set you up for a good first semester, whether as a parent or a student! Explore the entire Back to School collection and get your gear for the best year ever.