Introducing: The Totally Tubular Upper Half

Introducing: The Totally Tubular Upper Half

The idea for the Totally Tubular Upper Half came about from our desire to provide a lighter, more breathable face cover. We had seen many people using their Totally Tubular in place of a cloth face mask, but with warmer days, weeks, and months ahead, we wanted to provide a lighter, more breathable option. Introducing: The Totally Tubular Upper Half. Coming in two fabrics - Comfort Shell and Comfort Shell Lite, these non-medical face covers provide UPF50+ protection in addition to coverage for the nose and mouth. Great for both everyday life and your summer adventures, the Upper Half is your new favorite summer accessory.

Both the Comfort Shell Upper Half and the Comfort Shell Lite Upper Half are not considered medical-grade masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or N95 masks.

The Comfort Shell Upper Half:

Most of our employees have been wearing tubes for essential work and errands. One Turtle didn't want the bulk around his neck as the temperatures started to rise, so what did he do? Cut his tube in half - lengthwise. And so, an idea was born. In an effort to provide people with the same comfort and face coverage as the beloved Totally Tubular, but with less bulk falling at the nape of the neck, the Comfort Shell Upper Half is just that - the tube, cut in half.  That's half the length, and half the weight. Still has the brushed interior so it feels insanely soft against the face, and it still has versatility. Can easily be worn as a headband or a neck scarf, so it's easy up, easy down coverage. Great for outdoor activities and everyday life.

Upper Half Face Mask, Breathable Lightweight Face Mask, Active Performance Face Mask

The Comfort Shell Lite Upper Half:

People were asking for something lighter than our Comfort Shell fabric, so we brought back a fabric that we had originally designed as a sun protection fabric for fishing, kayaking, and sailing. With the same style as the Comfort Shell Upper Half, but 60% lighter, this half tube is perfect for long, hot summer days. Less bulk means more comfort. Your new favorite accessory for runs on busy streets, rides on the bike path, and hikes up crowded trails.


Upper Half Face Mask, Ultrabreathable, Ultra Lightweight Face Mask, Active Performance Face Mask


If your Upper Half is too loose:

Don't fret! Some people report that the Upper Halfs feel a bit too loose on their face, and won't stay up when they're relying on them for face coverage. Our team came up with a solution - although we don't typically recommend cutting our products, with just two small cuts, you can have an easy (and quick!) solution that will secure your tube to cover your nose and mouth. Follow along with our Brand Marketing Manager as she takes you through the tutorial:



Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Take half tube, and make a 1" cut on each side, about 1" down from the top of the tube (where your ears would be).

2. Wear tube, pulling ear slits around ears to secure tube in place.

And that's it! Secure, lightweight coverage - ready at a moment's notice.

Don't let wearing a face covering stop you from doing what you love to do. Shop our full line of face coverings. $1 from the sale of each product will be donated to the CDC's Coronavirus relief efforts. Learn more about about our agreement with the CDC here.

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