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At Turtle Fur®, we believe sports face coverings can both show your style and provide the type of protection you need against any weather condition. Choose from a range of active performance gear that suits your favorite outdoor activities and keeps you protected all day long. Totally Tubular™ neck and headwear is wildly popular. These ultra-versatile, active performance neck tubes wick away moisture to keep you dry while the stretchy, lightweight design allows you to wear them 10 different ways. The incredibly soft texture and pocket-ready packing capability make these neck tubes the go-to choice for everyday gear.

If you are out for a day of snowmobiling, MaxClava balaclavas are the ticket to keep you warm, comfortable and dry. They are also great for skiing and fit perfectly under a warm hat. The Comfort Shell™ material keeps your ears, neck and head covered and leaves a partial opening for your face. An extra layer of fabric makes them easy to tuck into a jacket or base layer so cold air won’t ruin your outing. We even have MaxClava protection for the kids, too. Micro Fur™ balaclavas are perfect for outdoor play, and the unique fabric keeps the heat in without adding more weight.