Meet Vish - Turtle Fur Scholarship Recipient for Vermont Adaptive

Meet Vish - Turtle Fur Scholarship Recipient for Vermont Adaptive

We are excited to introduce you to the inaugural Turtle Fur Scholarship recipient for Vermont Adaptive, Vishal (Vish) Lassarre. He loves to spend time with the Vermont Adaptive team on the bike path, on the lake, and on the mountain. Vish is autistic and non-verbal but can sign well, so we worked with the Vermont Adaptive team and Vish's mom to get to know him a bit better.


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Tell us a bit about you.

My name is Vishal and I am almost 15 years of age. My favorite color is red. My favorite movies are Star Wars and Avengers. Favorite characters are Darth Vader and Ironman. I also like art, and I am a dancer with Project Prima.

Who introduced you to Vermont Adaptive? (Was there a specific person or mentor who got you involved)?

Mom found Vermont Adaptive through the website and asked me if I wanted to participate. The first person I then met at Vermont Adaptive was Misha, who introduced me to skiing.

Some of my favorite friends at Vermont Adaptive are Felicia, Molly and Norm.

Vish on the Burlington Bike Path

Favorite outdoor activity?

My favorite outdoor activities are biking, cross country, and swimming. When the powder arrives, it’s all about downhill skiing.

However, my all time favorite sport is basketball! 

Favorite place to go on bike rides?

Burlington Bike Path.

Vish on the Burlington Bike Path

Favorite ski area (and why)?

My favorite ski area is Bolton Valley because I really like all the trails and it it not as busy and noisy as other ski areas.

Advice for others wanting to get outside?

I think everyone should try different outdoor activities and pick one they enjoy and have fun doing it.

Most memorable time with Vermont Adaptive?

My most memorable time with Vermont Adaptive was last year at Bolton Valley when I looked at the trail map and picked out the ones I wanted to ski, and my instructor was not afraid to let me try them. All my instructors at Vermont Adaptive have respected my abilities and allowed me to explore my potential.

Vish, Vermont Adaptive Athlete

We look forward to adventuring this year with Vish and the Vermont Adaptive team. Want to know more about what Vish is up to? Follow along with us on Instagram, where we will be sharing more about him with stories of his epic days on the trails, paths, and mountains.


More about Vermont Adaptive:

Back in 2019, we became the Official Headwear Sponsor for Vermont Adaptive. Vermont Adaptive serves youth and adults of all abilities who have physical, cognitive, and emotional/behavioral disabilities, helping them gain self-confidence and independence through adaptive sports programs and activities. Their programming includes skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, tennis, and more. In addition, they also provide non-sport related programming such as holistic wellness, environmental education, and competitive training philosophies. 

As a company proud of our Vermont roots, we are excited year-after-year to be able to show both financial and material support to Vermont Adaptive, as they work to empower our neighbors with disabilities while working hard to make our great state (and the sports we love) more inclusive.

Another great aspect of Vermont Adaptive is that they function with the purpose to provide support and empowerment to all of Vermont's disabled community, no matter the individual's financial situation - through scholarships and sponsorships. If you or your company are interested in partnering with Vermont Adaptive or sponsoring an athlete, you can learn more at