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03.23.17   -   Snowshoeing Into Spring

03.23.17 - Snowshoeing Into Spring

Spring may be right around the corner,

but winter is holding on with a cold, gloved hand. While some are tempted to hunker down and await those Spring blossoms, others are jumping at the opportunity to embrace Old Man Winter’s last hoorah.

And what a party it is: Winter Storm Stella showed up for the occasion and left more than three feet of snow in some locations throughout New England. Skiers and riders have flocked to the hills and mountains to celebrate, but if you don’t enjoy catapulting down snowy slopes, you may not be getting those warm and fuzzy feelings. So how do you enjoy your snow day? May I suggest not going down the hill, but up instead. That’s right, I’m talking about snowshoeing!


Snowshoeing in Turtle Fur Beanies through Spring Snow

"Snowshoeing is a great low-impact way to access the outdoors and take in those snow-white scenes."


Snowshoeing is a great low-impact way to access the outdoors and take in those snow-white scenes. The good news keeps coming: if you can walk, you can snowshoe! Snowshoeing provides more benefits than just walking, however. You can burn up to a thousand calories an hour just by exploring on snowshoes! That’s more than running and cross-country skiing at the same time and much safer than trying to combine these activities. (Trust us, we don’t recommend it.)

So, you aren’t looking to scale Mt. Denali on snowshoes. That’s more than okay! Snowshoeing is a fun activity for anyone at any level of experience. Whether you’re a beginner looking to go trail walking or an avid outdoor athlete, there is a pair of snowshoes for you.

If you’re a hiker, snowshoeing is a great way to get a head start on training for those peaks by building up cardio and endurance. Are you into trail running or earning your turns? Snowshoes can get you there.

Tubbs Snowshoes and Turtle Fur Merinos

That’s right, snowshoes have come a long way from your grandpa’s wooden tennis racket contraptions!

The next time you’re finding yourself in the throes of Spring fever, put that fire into some good old fashioned cardiovascular exercise! Nope, we don’t mean in the gym, either - we mean snowshoeing. Why not try something new, experience the sights, sounds and scenes of nature and get a great work-out at the same time? Snowshoeing is an active, fun way to make the most of the winter that we have left! There's no reason to delay!

Snowshoeing in Turtle Fur's Women's Active Beanies Ponytail Conquest and the Brain Shroud

Want the look? Shop the Brain Shroud and our Ponytail Beanies here!

Ditch those winter blues by grabbing your friends, your dog, or just about anyone because no matter what, good times are guaranteed. Don’t miss your next opportunity to smile too much, join us in celebrating winter on snowshoes!


Tiffany Saltis is an avid outdoorswoman and our go-to on snowshoeing. As a Turtle Fur AmbassaTur who loves all things from her home state of Vermont, you'll find her hiking with her pup, snowboarding, kayaking, snowshoeing or fishing on any given day (unless she's off traveling to a new part of the world!)

Check her out on Instagram @outdoorbarbiedoll