Summer Time, and The Livin's Breezy

Summer Time, and The Livin's Breezy

Here in Vermont we seek adventure in the outdoors all year long. From skiing and snowboarding at our famous mountain resorts, to the miles of mountain biking trails frequented by enthusiasts and amateurs alike, Vermont life means outdoor life. While pedaling, riding and pacing always make the proverbial highlights reel, another activity seems to sometimes go unnoticed: water sports. Getting out on the water, be it kayaking, canoeing, or sailing, is how many answer the call of the state's beautiful lakes and rivers as soon as the snow melts and days begin to grow warmer. 

Personally, I give into the beckoning waterways of the Green Mountain State via kayak, and being based in Morrisville, near the Turtle Fur offices, there are countless destinations at my disposal. Recently, I took a trip to the Waterbury Reservoir located in nearby Waterbury, Vermont for a Friday afternoon paddle. Being an unpredictable summer day in Vermont, it was still a bit crisp outside from a passing weather system; that called for some added warmth and wind protection from the light breeze out on the reservoir. 

I'm someone who tends to run a little bit warmer than others. I reserve my neck warmer for frigid conditions when skiing, and even late fall hikes require pretty low temps for me to trade in my ball cap or light knit beanie for something heavier to keep me warm during the trek. For summer days, I typically turn to our Sun Shell™ Collection when looking for a little bit of protection from the wind and sun. 

This particular day a Sun Shell™ Totally Tubular was the product I turned to, a perfect extra layer to shield my neck from the spray of the water mixed with the light wind.

Turtle Fur's Totally Tubular Kayaking Gear Wind UPF 50+As I explored the reservoir in my kayak, I found several little inlets to explore, which is the whole reason I set out on my afternoon trip. The inlets were perfectly undisturbed, with beautiful moss covered logs, alabaster-white river stones and an incredibly complex array of wildflowers covering the color spectrum.
As I paddled from  one inlet to the next, one thing became clear: all of them were hidden from the sun, which was the only element at work keeping me warm outside of my Turtle Fur gear. As I collected stones and took photos of the majestic scenery, the cool shade prompted me to pull the tube up over my face for extra warmth & wind coverage.
One such inlet didn't look like much as I came around the corner, but as I paddled closer I noticed that it ended with a series of small waterfalls flowing into the reservoir. I'm glad I didn't come unprepared for the weather and turn around earlier, or I would have missed it.  

While I haven't been out fishing in years, my favorite Sun Shell pattern is one of our own design, Scalery. A blue and pinkish fish scale print that is perfect for sports fishermen and fly fishermen alike. All water sports enthusiasts would see the print as a great fit - and regardless of the print, the fabric is quick-drying, which is key. It's a staple in my outdoor pack and now, more than ever, I know not to trust the season for it's "expected" weather, and instead am sure to always have my neck gaiter on hand. 

With so many rivers, streams and lakes to explore this summer, I know I'll be ready for whatever I find out there - or for whatever climate finds me!