Your Best Cookout: July 4th In A Snap!

Your Best Cookout: July 4th In A Snap!


July 4th is one of the Turtles' favorite holidays! Red, white and blue go with just about everything, as far as we're concerned! We pulled together neat ideas and time-saving ways that we decorate for the big weekend celebration. One of our main goals was to include projects using things which we we already have at home to turn an average holiday barbecue a smashing success!

Easy July 4th additions to make any party patriotic:


1. Easy (& washable) July 4th mason jars in 10 minutes!

Turtle Fur's DIY July 4th party decorations

Here's an easy addition to an Independence Day party: themed glasses! But don't run out and spend money on them; instead, use craft paint that you have in your house! These glasses can serve as drinking glasses or as fun utensil & sparkler holders.

*Note: Make sure your paint is non-toxic, acrylic paint before channeling your inner Van Gogh.

One paint brush is really all you'll need (unless you want to get detailed with the stars of the American flag) for this project. The red, white and blue paint will stick to your jars until you wash it off with a scrub brush and soap.

Start off by painting the white stripes on your jars, and then paint the blue square. While the blue paint dries, go ahead and add the red stripes, followed by the finishing touches of stars! Remember, even if it isn't perfect, it will still have a fun, rustic Americana feel to it.


2. No Paint? No worries! Make it red, white & blue from the inside out!

Fun DIY July 4th decoration ideas from turtle fur!

It's Turtle Fur's July 4th drink recipe that adds patriotic flare to every beverage! All you need is grenadine, ice and blueberries to start the party. We used sprite in our cups, but lemonade or seltzer would do just fine too.

First pour a splash of grenadine (red cherry syrup) into the bottom of the glass. After you've added the red, move on to the white by filling the glass 3/4ths of the way with ice. Time for blue: Sprinkle blueberries to rest on top of the ice pile, and simply add your favorite light-colored thirst quencher! So, why doesn't the drink turn purple, you ask? The answer is that the grenadine is heavier than water and other liquids, meaning that it will linger at the bottom of the glass unless it is stirred up.

Fun patriotic drinks with grenadine and blueberries by Turtle Fur!


3.Trade in your flag cake for cupcakes!

We've all seen and come to love the ever-impressive American flag cakes at July 4th barbecues. There's an easier way to get the same effect without all of the painstaking "striping" of red and white icing (which usually ends up pink in most places). Solution: cupcakes.


Replace your flag cake with flag cupcakes via the Turtle Fur blog


First, select one to four cupcakes (depending on how many you have) as the "stars" portion of the flag.

Ice those in white first, and then sprinkle fresh blueberries on top (make sure they stick) to create a simple and yummy corner!
It's almost too easy to believe!

Then, remember keep only half of the remaining cupcakes white and start on making a batch of red icing for the other half (the second set of stripes).

Standard food dye (available in the baking aisle of your grocery store) will quickly dye frosting any shade of the rainbow you'd like! Just make sure that you're avoiding getting any on your fingers or fingernails as the color can linger for days, even after a good scrubbing.

To imitate the red of the American flag's stripes, be sure to use a generous amount of dye in order to avoid getting a pinkish hue. Continue to stir after adding dye so that you can quickly assess whether or not you've reached the bright color you want without wasting any of the coloring.

Once you're seeing red (in your frosting, that is!) whisk the batch in a bowl until the pigment is evenly distributed. (We used gel food coloring, since it tends to curb messes & colorful fingers!)

Get ready to glop, dollop and slather! Spoon out your frosting (white & red separately) onto your cupcakes. Take note that waiting until the cupcakes have cooled off (i.e. not right out of the oven) will be beneficial in helping the frosting stay put. If the cupcakes are too hot, the frosting will slide right off as it starts to melt from the heat!

Turtle Fur July 4th Cupcakes No Mess and Ready in a Flash!

Arrange your cupcakes into rows of stripes and you have yourself an easy, no-fuss cup-cake (cake).

DIY USA Americana cupcakes from Turtle Fur No Flag Cake Necessary.


4. Don't Forget to Match Your Theme!

Host with the most patriotic flare of them all! Turtle Fur has you covered for July 4th, head to toe.

The Turtle Fur Stars & Stripes Collection boasts tons of accessories in the American Flag pattern! Check out USA themed headbands, red & blue shirts, hats, buff-style neck gaiters, socks and more!

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July 4th Party Decor & Products with Turtle Fur!