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A little cold weather isn’t going to stop your kid from having great outdoor adventures! From autumn hikes to sledding in the winter, kids love being active, even when the mercury takes a nosedive. It isn’t always easy getting them to bundle up. Finding gear that lets them express their senses of style makes the task a whole lot easier. With the right beanie, kids need little convincing to put on a hat as they head out the door. You might even have to talk them into taking it off once they come back inside. Kid’s beanie hats provide a great way for young adventurers to express themselves while keeping them protected from cold.

Turtle Fur® beanies appeal to youngsters. Unicorns and dinosaurs, bold colors and poms all speak to the fun and lively nature of a child. We’ve also made our cold weather hats soft and comfortable; no more worries about itchy material or a too-tight fit. For those really chilly days, our fleece-lined beanies hold in the heat for extra warmth, and our earflap hats keep those ears covered. Turtle Fur® outdoor headwear comes in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles. You are sure to find one that matches your kid’s unique personality.