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Sometimes you need to keep your head warm without messing up your hair. Our knit headbands promise to do double duty. The soft, tightly knitted fibers will keep your ears warm and protected from the cold weather while the headband style won't flatten your updo. This headwear is great for all types of activities: skiing, snowboarding, running, or just looking good when the temps drop. Try a knit headband and get ready to enjoy the compliments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use knit headbands?

Knit headbands are a good choice for any time you need to protect your head and ears from the cold. They also make a nice fashion statement. Best of all, knit headbands won't ruin that fabulous hairstyle.

How do I wear knit headbands?

Typically, knit headbands are worn horizontally so that they cover your ears and your forehead and go around the back of your head. However, you have our permission to get creative and find ways to wear them that suit you. If you come up with a way that's particularly original, we'd love to see a photo.

What materials are used in knit headbands?

Knit headbands are made of blended fibers. We have a lambswool style that is combined with acrylic for added durability. The Shay headband is 100% acrylic. The Glitzerland headband is a cotton/nylon/polyester/wool blend. All the headbands are fully lined with soft microfleece or Sherpa fleece for an extra layer of insulation.

What are the best outdoor activities to use knit headbands?

Knit headbands are great for any outdoor activity. Wear them for sports such as skiing, ice skating, or snowmobiling. They are the perfect accessory for running errands in the cold as well.

How do knit headbands protect from the elements?

Our headbands are made of tightly knitted fibers that are natural insulators. They help keep your body heat in while blocking cold winds and temps. The generous fit means more of your ears and forehead are protected from the elements. The microfleece and soft, plush linings add an extra layer of toasty warmth.