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Stay fashionably warm in any weather with beanie hats for men. We have the best men's beanie hats in every style imaginable, from sleek active performance beanies to colorful, fluffy pom beanies. Enjoy these men’s winter hats made from Merino wool, fleece, acrylic, spandex, and other high-performance fabrics. Whether you're looking for a liner to wear under your helmet or a watch cap to ward off the chill at a game, we’ve got you (and your head) covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use beanies for men?

The beanie is one of the most effective ways to keep your head warm in cold weather. Thanks to its full coverage fit and tight knit, it offers superlative protection from wind and bitter temps. They're a nice fashion statement, too. Many people wear them to complete their look.

How do I wear men’s beanies?

Any way you want to. Some people prefer a close-fitting beanie, especially if it is to go under a snowboarding helmet or other headgear. Others prefer the slouchy beanie look. If this is you, choose one that is big and bulky for the best fit. Some beanies are cuffed, but any beanie can be rolled up from the bottom for a jaunty touch.

What materials are used in men’s beanies?

We offer a large variety of materials to choose from. Most of the content is blended fibers for added durability, strength, and stretch. The natural fibers include Merino wool and lambswool. These are often blended with Tencel, nylon, or acrylic. Active performance beanies need wicking properties, so they include more synthetic materials, such as polyester, spandex, and acrylic.

What are the best outdoor activities to use men’s beanies?

Beanies are great for any outdoor sport. Running, skiing, and snowboarding are obvious choices. Just enjoying a day outdoors is also a good time to wear a beanie.

How do men’s beanies protect from the elements?

Many beanies are made with naturally UV-protective materials. The tight knits also provide water resistance in case of inclement weather. All our beanies have insulating properties that keep your body heat in and the cold air out.