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A great day in nature requires multifunctional headwear; gear that performs in a number of useful ways is ideal. Our Totally Tubular™ neck tubes fit all outdoor activities where you need comfort, protection and flexibility. You can easily transition them from a men’s neck warmer to a headband in just a few seconds. This functionality saves valuable time, so you enjoy your day without extra weight or clothing hassles. Neck tubes also act as balaclavas for full head and neck protection or as men’s bandanas. They are pocket-packable and simple to use on the move. Our many prints and color options give you plenty of choices to reflect your energetic sense of style.

Our tubular gaiters are incredibly soft, lightweight and wick away moisture to keep you dry in the most extreme conditions. They protect against snow spray, windburn, UV rays and bitter temperatures. The super-soft, brushed interior means any skin type is comfortable with the close contact. Our Comfort Shell™ fabrics maintain that feeling of coziness through various seasons. These neck tubes are breathable and antimicrobial to resist bacteria in perspiration. With more than ten ways to wear them, our neck tubes are the perfect gear for all occasions.