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More isn’t always better. Sometimes having less of something is exactly what you need. When you head out for a sweat-inducing run, don your multi-day pack for a vigorous week on the trails, or head out on a crisp, chilly morning to have another go on that 5.13 climb, you need lightweight protection. An extra-wide, multi-functional performance headband gives you exactly the right amount of coverage without the extra material and bulk, leaving you free to move. As you warm up, your headband can be put to use as a headband or hair pony, or it can be quickly and easily stashed away.

Turtle Fur® knows what’s important for the active outdoor enthusiast. That is why we have created a shorter, lighter version of the tube scarf. They are still long enough to give you full-face coverage, and, of course, we’ve made sure they are breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and anti-microbial. Our Totally Tubular™ multi-functional headbands also provide UPF 50+ protection. They are the ultimate in comfort and style, with your choice of bold, fun patterns, or solid colors. You won’t have any trouble finding one — or more — that suits you. We are sure these will quickly become a go-to activewear accessory!