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No need to dread bundling up for cold-weather activities due to winter clothing's tendency to be heavy, itchy, and unfashionable. At Turtle Fur, we believe that dressing warmly doesn't have to be a burden. That’s why we offer a collection of kids apparel that is fully functional while still being comfortable and trendy. Our Pontetorto Micro Fur Tecnofleece quarter-zip jackets, for instance, consist of a single layer of incredibly soft material that comes in bright blue, lime green, and several other fun shades.

When it comes to keeping your kids' heads and necks warm while they're playing outside, try one of our Original Turtle Fur Fleece neck warmers. Choose from pink, purple, orange, blue, and numerous other vivid colors. Our balaclavas and beanies are also great options for frosty days.

Make sure you don't miss out on our kids accessories, either. We offer ridiculously soft fleece mittens, as well as machine-washable face masks in various colors and patterns. Even when the weather warms up, your kiddos may benefit from our classic cotton logo t-shirts and breathable trucker hats.