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Women’s performance headbands provide the versatility you need for keeping your hair under control and maintaining your cool for any adventure. Turtle Fur® designs products that perform as well as you do, using tried and tested high-quality materials and designs. Keep cool on your summer runs with our lightweight workout bands or warm while zipping down the mountain with our fleece headbands. No matter where your adventures take you, Turtle Fur® has women’s headbands that fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a women's performance headband?

Active performance headbands are essential for active women in every season. In cold weather, a fleece-lined earband keeps your ears toasty warm, while in the warmer seasons, a headband is great for keeping the hair out of your face and sweat from your eyes.

Who are women’s performance headbands designed for?

Women of all ages benefit from Turtle Fur® active performance and yoga headbands. These accessories are useful any time you need to pull your hair back, put your hair up, or protect your ears from the elements. They’re available in different shapes and materials for use in all kinds of weather, indoors or out.

How do I wear women’s performance headbands?

Women’s headbands are versatile, giving you several options. They can be used as a band to pull your hair back off your face or as a pony. With a Totally Tubular Upper Half headband, you can keep it around your neck or use it as a face covering, headband, hair wrap or pony.

What materials are women’s performance headbands made of?

Turtle Fur® uses high-quality material designed to perform. Our Micro Fur™ Tecnofleece™ is made from 100% polyester that is breathable, moisture-wicking, and warm. Our Comfort Shell™ materials are constructed using a polyester and spandex blend that makes them stretchy, fast-drying, odor-resistant and breathable. Many of our headbands offer UPF 50+ protection.

What are the best outdoor activities to use a women’s performance headband?

You can use Turtle Fur® performance and workout headbands for any of your outdoor adventures. We offer headbands that keep you warm on your winter runs or walks. You can use them while hiking your favorite trails, sailing, or riding your mountain bike over single-track. They are also perfect for everyday use to keep your ears toasty warm.

How does wearing a women’s performance headband protect you from the elements?

Turtle Fur® utilizes materials that are made to keep you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. Our headbands are moisture-wicking and quick-drying, helping you regulate your body temperature. We add UPF 50+ protection to many of our products to keep the sun’s harsh rays off sensitive skin.