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Meet The Turtles

  • Amy Eldred

    What's Under My Shell Turtle

    I am a Native Vermonter. I love a good road trip, spending time with family and friends, big cat lover, walking the Rail Trail, spending time at our family camp in Averill and knitting.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 25

  • Beth Davis

    Turtle Ambassador

    I am a native Vermonter, and one of the original Turtles. I joined Turtle Fur in its youth and have had the pleasure of watching our brand grow and develop into a beloved favorite of so many. I enjoy kayaking and hiking, as well as hanging out with family and friends when I’m not at my second home (Turtle Fur).
    Years with Turtle Fur: 29

  • Brandi Dumas

    Turtle Travel Agent

    I like bowling and playing softball as well as being with friends and family, especially my beautiful little girl.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 5

  • Brenda Digregorio

    Packing Turtle

    I am a grandmother to 3 girls and 5 boys. When I'm not at work l like to crochet, do crossword puzzles and spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 19

  • Brenda Snow

    Hand Holder Turtle

    A native Vermonter born and raised in Morrisville, the home of Turtle Fur. Crazy cat lady, avid reader, children’s book author, gardener, movie buff and grandmother to some fabulous kids. Other dream jobs would include working in a bookstore or being a food taster. And let’s talk politics!
    Years with Turtle Fur: 22

  • Bryce Andrews

    Chief Sales Turtle

    Water Skier, Uber Driver for my 4 Children, Singer, Former Minnesotan, Current North Carolinian, Vikings Fan, and Husband. I don't often take vacation, but when I do I prefer Cabo San Lucas.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 5

  • Calvin & Louise Barnes

    Head Turtle Travel Agent & Head Harvesting Turtle

    We love spending time outdoors hunting, fishing and spending time with our grandchildren. We are also avid Red Sox, Celtics & Bruins fans.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 16 & 14

  • Carol Crothers

    Spec Turtle

    I'm a 4th generation Vermonter. My snow passion is snowmobiling, and during warmer months I'm a Spyder Ryder. I'm a Beagle Mom and the proud grandmother of 4 beauties.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 26

  • Cathy Ploof

    A Vermont Original Turtle

    Born and raised in Vermont. I lived in CA, FL and SC for a while then came back to my home in Vermont. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and our third child “Simon” the cat.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 24

  • Cheryl Dezotell

    Checks In The Bank Turtle

    I am a native Vermonter. I am a proud pet momma to cat Lily and yellow lab Maggie. I enjoy going for long walks, snowshoeing and sliding. I have worked for Turtle Fur for almost 14 years.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 15

  • Christina Larabee

    Sewing Turtle

    I am originally from Germany and met my husband Alvin, who is American, while he was stationed at a base near my hometown Herbolzheim in Bavaria. We moved to Vermont in 2008. I am the Mom of three children and Nani of one grandchild. I love hiking, walking, Zumba, Kayaking, camping and just hanging out and having a good time with family and friends.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 3

  • Colin Giblin

    Chief eCommerce Turtle

    Born in Rhode Island and based out of Boston, weekend escapes to the mountains or the sea are always on the calendar. Ski Instructor, hiker, sailor, kayaker, occasional home chef, gear junkie, with coffee in my veins.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 4

  • Conny Stutzenstein

    Inventory Controller Turtle

    I was born and raised in NYC and moved to VT as a young adult. Things that are important to me are my family and being a J.W. I love nature and travelling, especially cruising the Caribbean.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 26

  • Dan Mandigo

    Harvesting Turtle

    Born and raised in Stowe, VT. I like to be active outdoors hunting, prospecting and fishing.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 12

  • Danielle Brown

    Creatives’ Assistant Turtle

    I enjoy the great outdoors, four wheeling, boating and sunshine. I love spending time with my family, adventures and making people smile. I’m a free spirit with a passion for life.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 1

  • Ed Gadue

    Turtle Travel Agent

    I enjoy fishing, bonfires, camping, working on cars, roller skating, amusement parks, and heavy metal music.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 12

  • Eric Hale

    Traffic Control Turtle

    I am a native Vermonter, husband and father. I enjoy being active outdoors- golfing, time spent at our camp at the lake, hiking, boating, and enjoying the sun.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 13

  • Hank

    Zoolander Turtle

    Quiet, great listener, devilishly handsome, solid "blue steel" game, shy, contemplative, current staring contest title holder, jokester.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 9

  • Jessica Cote

    Greeter Turtle

    I am a native Vermonter, married to my high school sweetheart. We have 3 teenagers, 1 awesome daughter, 1 amazing son, and 1 lovable pitbull. I am a coffeeholic and when I am not working I enjoy, hiking, kayaking, target shooting, traveling and baking.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 3

  • John Miner

    Turtle Travel Agent

    I like to work in the garden, travel locally to spend time relatives and friends.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 12

  • Josh Pombar

    Chief Marketing Turtle

    Biker, Runner, Skier, Siberian Husky Wrangler, Green Mountain Coffee Lover, Craft Beer Drinker, Sweets-a-holic, Proud 802er, Ordained Minister, Husband to Kimberly.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 8

  • Julienne Blow

    Creative Turtle

    Snowboarder, Coffee Lover, Mad Men Addict, Bonfire Fiend, Fishing Amateur.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 3

  • Kim Lanphear

    Total Due Turtle

    A Mom of two and Grandma of one, Vermont is my home state and Cancun my 2nd home. I enjoy being with family and friends, bonfires, kayaking, jeep rides, Captain Girl--It’s 5 o'clock somewhere.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 15

  • Kristen Slade


    Horseback rider, dog and cat snuggler, skeet shooter, hiker, artist.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 18

  • Laurie Hammond

    Controller/IT Turtle

    CrossFitter, runner, mountain biker, hiker and enjoy pretty much any outdoor activity on land, sun lover and seeker.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 25

  • Leanna Robinson

    Inspector Turtle

    I have lived in VT all my life. I have raised 2 boys and am a very proud Nana of two very handsome boys. I like to hike and spend time at the nearest beach. I also make a killer peanut butter pie!
    Years with Turtle Fur: 25

  • Megeen Sweeney

    Turtle Ambassador

    I am a native Vermonter. I am a gardener, kayaker, knitting enthusiast, and avid Nordic skier who prefers being outdoors in just about any kind of weather – as long as there’s Turtle Fur involved!
    Years with Turtle Fur: 4

  • Meghan Ksiazek


    As a Native Vermonter I was born to love the outdoors. I’m blessed to share the natural wonders of Vermont with my adrenaline junky family. My time is consumed by chasing the adventures waiting around every bend. My passions are snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking and yoga, not in any particular order. I also teach yoga in my spare time so that there’s a little balance to my crazy.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 14

  • Mike O'Neil

    Production Assistant Turtle

    I’m originally a “flat-lander” from MA who moved here in 1997 for a change of pace, which I have definitely found. My love of the ocean was quickly overtaken by my love for the mountains. Skiing as much as I can in winter and hiking as much as I can the rest of the year (to get in shape for skiing, of course). I married a great woman and her 3 great kids and we all love our dog and our 2 cats. I’m also a part time, volunteer craft beer sampler and appraiser.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 3

  • Nancy Martinez

    Global Purchasing Coordinator Turtle

    Fanatical traveler, foreign language enthusiast, and passionate cook. If it says ‘international’ and ‘business’ in the same sentence, I love it!
    Years with Turtle Fur: 1

  • Ray Wells

    Global Production Turtle

    Life-long Vermonter who loves mountain biking, snowboarding and deer hunting. Proud father of Jesse and Brooke. Dog lover and NY Yankee hater.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 14

  • Richard Sontag

    Chief Turtle

    A pragmatic dreamer and an all-around lucky guy.

    Husband, father, inventor, excellent omelet maker and head cheerleader for the most wonderful brand/company…Turtle Fur.

    And yes kids we will be getting another dog soon, and yes we can call it Squishy Paws, Tashe II, Cleo deux, George. [update 6/1/16: Dazy May, Miss Squishy Paws has arrived.]       
    Years with Turtle Fur: 16

  • Sarah Wyman

    Knit Packing Turtle

    I take pride in that I have worked at Turtle Fur for over 20 years. I like to crochet and help build beautiful classic wool ski knit hats and Vermont Original hats for our customers.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 25

  • Scott Weinheimer

    Chief Financial Turtle

    Proud father of four and married for over 25 years to my amazing wife Kathleen. Ski-Hike-Fish VT is my motto! Spending time on beautiful Lake Champlain or in the Green Mountains of Vermont is where you will find our family. 
    Years with Turtle Fur: 17

  • Sean Berry

    Customer Acquisition Turtle

    Until recently I've been a lifetime resident of Vermont's beautiful Northeast Kingdom. Now I reside in Potsdam, NY where my wonderful girlfriend attends grad school and I work from home as a satellite Turtle. Our two-year-old black lab keeps us on our toes and when we have time we enjoy spending it outdoors, reading or in front of a movie deep in a bowl of popcorn. Extra butter, obviously.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 3

  • Stacey Boivin

    Support Turtle

    I am a Vermonter, raised in Hyde Park. I enjoy NASCAR and being with family and friends. I also enjoy walking and hiking in the outdoors. 
    Years with Turtle Fur: 24

  • Tom Karnes

    Show Me The Money Turtle

    Due to the Federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 no information can be released. 
    Years with Turtle Fur: 9

  • Tyler Oliveri

    Data Turtle

    Syracuse University Alum, Boston Sports Fan, Avid Snowboarder, Golden Retriever Lover, Pizza Enthusiast.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 2

  • Valerie Wells

    Turtle Ambassador

    I am a native Vermonter. I enjoy snowshoeing, snowmobiling, building snowmen, going for walks, reading, camping and going to the ocean in the summer. I can say that I am lucky to have great co-workers and that I love my job. My favorite foods are pickles and anything with bacon and I am an avid coffee drinker.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 26

  • Whitney Brownie

    Digital Marketing Turtle

    Recent New York City transplant loving the Vermont life. Ensures that the Turtle Fur brand reaches all corners of the social media universe and internet galaxies. I enjoy arts & crafts, hiking, painting, camping and any activity that includes my bird dog, Biscuit.
    Years with Turtle Fur: 3

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