Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy as a Family

Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy as a Family

- by Zenovia Stephens of Black Adventure Crew

Yay, it's Fall! The smell of cool, crisp air and more bowls of soup than our bellies can hold are but a few of the things we look forward to this time of year. I won't pretend to love shorter days, but I do love the extra cuddles and warmth of family this season tends to bring. Fall is definitely one of our favorite seasons, and I'm inviting you to join us in all the things that make it great!

Fall adventures are indeed all they're cracked up to be. There's something special about how the air smells and watching the world around you slowly change into the most beautiful, picturesque scene imaginable. I live for all things Fall, and after reading through, so will you.

Go Apple Picking

Does it even count as Fall if you didn't pick Apples? Technically yes, but finding a you-pick orchard will make it even better. Apple picking is the perfect way to jump into seasonal fun, and it makes for beautiful family pictures. Kids will enjoy finding the perfect apple and filling bags to the brim, while parents enjoy knowing healthy habits are being instilled.

Apple picking by Zenovia Stephens

My family loves this activity because it continues to give long after we leave the orchard. Once home, we use our apples to create homemade goods, including my favorites, apple butter, and apple pie. Although the pie doesn't have quite as much staying power, we can typically enjoy Apple Butter and relive our time on the orchard through winter.

Gather a group of friends and make a day out of it. It just might become your new yearly "Welcome to Fall" tradition!

Plan A Backyard Movie Night

If you really want to impress your kids, set up a theater in your backyard for an outdoor movie experience they'll never forget. While this adventure requires a bit more pre-planning, it's worth the extra steps and investment. We found that our kids actually sat and paid attention to the movie once we created a new space to watch them.

To top off the experience, consider setting up a makeshift concession stand with everyone's favorites foods and snacks. You'll be the talk of the playground come Monday!

Want to cut costs? Make your own projector screen and save some coins.

Lay Out and Stargaze

Did you know Fall is one of the best seasons to look up at the stars? Well, now you do! As days get shorter, nights become optimal for stargazing.

While being in what astronomers call "observation season" increases the starlit experience, it might also be a good idea to pay attention to new moons. According to, "During these times there is no bright Moon to wash out the light from fainter stars. You will be able to see thousands of stars with just your naked eye, this compared to just a few hundred at other times." So grab your hot apple cider and neck gaiters and make a night to remember under the stars!

Run a 5k

Anytime spent together as a family is good, but when you spend time being active and working through something together, it seems to strengthen bonds.

Running, walking, jogging, or skipping a 5k as a family is a perfect opportunity to show your kids the importance of physical activity and how fun it can be as a family activity.

Where we live we tend to see an uptick in themed 5k races. Look for color, mud, or Halloween runs in your local area. Kids are sure to get excited about any of these offerings and will love seeing you getting down and dirty alongside them.

Take Pictures in a Sunflower Field

Mustard yellows, lemon yellows, chocolate browns, and burnt orange are a few of the Sunflower color variations available, and each one embodies the entire essence of Fall. While many consider them late summer flowers, I prefer to view them as a sign of Autumn, and taking pictures in a field surrounded by the flowers is always on our list of things to bring in the change of season.

Sunflowers by Zenovia Stephens

Taking pictures of your family can be accomplished in a few ways. Several photographers offer field sessions, or you can set up a tripod and take them yourself. Whichever route you go, be sure to enjoy it and soak in all the positive energy surrounding you.

If possible, locate a field that also allows picking so you can take some of that sunshiny goodness back home!

Go Camping

Much like apples and sunflowers, Fall isn't Fall if it doesn't involve camping!

The idea of camping with kids can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it's new. I love to remind people that camping can be achieved in several ways. You have glamping, which is just camping with some glam. Think yurts with beds, décor, and all the comforts of home. It's a great option if you aren't in the mood for sleeping outdoors or have littles that aren't ready yet. RV camping is another great option for the same reasons mentioned above. Plus, you have the option of traveling further from home if you're looking for a road trip. Then, of course, traditional camping involves pitching a tent and becoming one with nature.

One thing that ties them all together and creates the best memories is a bonfire and smores. No matter which you pick, this part is non-negotiable and sure to be the highlight of your family camp out!

Kids roasting marshmallows by Zenovia Stephens

Need a little extra inspiration to get you started camping? Check out this guide and get started planning!

Chop Wood

You may be surprised to find wood splitting on the list, but hear me out. Remember those camp bonfires and all the smores you just planned? You'll need plenty of wood to keep the fun going, so why not split it yourselves?

Chopping wood by Zenovia Stephens

My family first split wood last Fall and found it to be so much fun! It's great exercise, and you can turn it into a competition to see who can break their piece of wood the fastest while remaining safe, of course.

This activity is also great for letting off a little steam. Kids are known for accidentally breaking things, so direct them to something they can break on purpose and watch how much fun they have!

Spend A Day On A Farm

Do you have an animal lover on your hands? Spend a day exploring a farm and learning the ins and outs of how they operate. During this season, many farms open up to the public. Some offer petting zoos, horseback riding and even have pumpkin patches and corn mazes set up for kids.

A day on the farm by Zenovia Stephens

If you want something less commercial, do a little digging and see if a local farm will allow you to come in a spend time learning how to do farm work and learn more about operations. It's an excellent way for kids to learn how hard our farmers work and appreciate this field of work.

Feeding the chickens by Zenovia Stephens

Visit An Indoor Waterpark

Perhaps you've read all of this and decided you're not ready to let go of summer just yet; in this case, find your closest indoor water park and relive one of the best parts of Summer. No checking the forecast because the weather's always perfect, no planning activities, there's something from kids 0-99, and best of all, you can capture the feel of summer all year long.

Entering the water park by Zenovia Stephens

Happy Fall!

Here are a few of our favorite fall recipes to use after your adventures:

Homemade Apple Butter

  • 5-6 pounds of apples - peeled, cored, and sliced
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 1 cup of brown sugar, lightly packed
  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Combine ingredients in a slow cooker and cook on low for 8-10 hours. Once cooked down, place ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth (apple sauce consistency). Separate into jars and store in the fridge!

Smores With A Twist

One of our favorite ways to add spice-up smores is using cookies instead of graham crackers and buying flavored marshmallows.

  • 1 Package of fudge striped cookies
  • 1 Package of vanilla smash mallows
  • Roast smash mallow until golden brown
  • Assemble and Enjoy!

As with every season, being prepared for the weather change is key to enjoying outdoor family adventures, be sure to check out the excellent fall lineup from Turtle Fur.

Zenovia is a self proclaimed outdoor enthusiast, freelance travel and adventure blogger, wife and mom to three young boys. She is the Founder and CEO of Black Kids Adventures, Inc, a non-profit organization which focuses on getting Black and Brown families to spend time together exploring and enjoying nature. You can follow along with her mom and family adventures and find inspiration for your own family adventures at Black Adventure Crew.

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