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A multi-functional tube neck gaiter is the go-to activewear for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts because of its superior UV protection, quick-drying technology, soft fabric construction, odor resistance and four-way stretch capacity. Turtle Fur® is the brand you need for the best performance, comfort, and styles you can find in multi-functional tube neck gaiters. The Totally Tubular is designed to provide all day coverage against the toughest challenges you or the elements bring. Our neck tubes work for all kinds of active lifestyles, and we offer an extra-long neck gaiter because we know that finding the perfect fit is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use neck gaiters?

Neck gaiters provide protection from all types of outdoor conditions. These multi-functional neck tubes are great for fighting off cold, sun, wind, and spray. The wicking action keeps sweat away, so you stay comfortable and dry. Neck gaiters are easy to pack, and you can wear them in many ways.

Who is a neck gaiter for?

Neck gaiters are great for people of all ages who need protection from the elements. Whether you’re an athlete or you just love to be outdoors, a Turtle Fur® gaiter is versatile activewear that you can pack in your pocket and use when you’re on the go.

How do I wear a neck gaiter?

Totally Tubular neck gaiters can be worn in over ten different ways to suit your active lifestyle. Wear them as a classic neck warmer, face mask, balaclava, bandana, headband or in other ways. Wrap it around your wrist for easy carrying. See more ways to wear in our blog post.

What materials are used in neck gaiters?

A Turtle Fur® gaiter is made from high-quality materials to offer the most comfortable wear and long-lasting protection against the elements. Our most popular Comfort Shell™ fabric comes in many vibrant colors and prints to suit your lifestyle. The material combines polyester and spandex that is brushed for softness and designed for performance.

What are the best outdoor activities to use neck gaiters?

Neck gaiters can be worn for snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, motorcycling, biking, running and skateboarding to name a few. They are also handy for yard work and outdoor social events, where you need added protection from the sun. Our neck gaiters are activewear with versatility, breathability, and packability.

How does a neck gaiter protect from the elements?

Our neck gaiters offer either a single or multiple layers of coverage for all temperatures, with UPF 50+ protection from harmful UV rays. Comfort Shell™ performance fabric wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable in any environment. Totally Tubular tube neck gaiters provide excellent protection from wind, cold, sun and spray.