Snow Storm Necessities

Snow Storm Necessities

There's nothing like a widely anticipated Nor'easter to get storm preparations on your mind. But what about those unanticipated blizzards? When a late season weather pattern suddenly turns white, it's just as important to know what supplies you have, where they are in your home and how to use them when the climate doesn't fit the season.


We've compiled a list from the best sources available- ranging from protocols established from, the NWS, to learned lessons from our own experiences of being snowed-in in New England. 


1. Water

Snow Storm Prep survival guide

There's a reason water is always #1 on these types of lists: it is only second to air for human survival. One should have a gallon of water per person per day to be on the safe side. Assume the worst when it comes to stocking up on your household's supply: big time storms & their aftermath can take up to a week to fully pass. 



2. Canned food

How Vermonters survive a snow storm - your Nor'easter prep guide

Non-perishables are lurking in all of our cupboards, but are they the kind you'll need to stay comfortable throughout a snow-related power outage? Don't just rely on the diced pineapple that you moved in with 7 years ago; instead, ensure you have a variety of long-lasting canned goods that are high in protein. 



3. Hand powered crank radio

How Vermonters Survive a Snow Storm - Your Noreaster Prep Guide

You don't want to find yourself unaware when the severity of a storm is evolving. Ensure that a losing power doesn't keep you literally (and figuratively) in the dark. A hand-crank radio will last you forever-and provide you with important updates if you lose power and are unable to leave your home. 



4. Flashlight 

Winter Snow Storm Prep - A Guide to Noreaster Emergency Supplies

When snow flies quickly and doesn't stop, it piles up on everything - including power lines. Add in some gusty winds or ice- and you've got a recipe for a downed line causing a widespread outage area. It is recommended to have several flashlights and battery operated lanterns to illuminate important spaces in your home at night.



5. Extra batteries

Nor'Easter Storm Survival

Keep a variety of sizes on hand, but ensure you have the type your flashlights and lanterns take. 



6. Blankets- lots of them

New England Winter Storm Survival Guide - Noreaster Snow Storms and how to prepare for them

If you lose heat, remember that starting fires or using gas fueled appliances to stay warm can be more dangerous and fatal than the storm itself. Ensconcing ones self in a slew of warm layers, blankets and snuggling up is the safest way to ensure keeping cozy for a night. 

Having a blanket always available in your car is equally (if not more) important as having one on hand at home. If you are ever forced to pull over for a night due to weather, you need to be able to keep warm without the engine running.



7. Warm outerwear

How to survive a snow storm in comfort

Your warmest sweaters, midlayers, coats, hats, neckwarmers, socks and gloves are all going to be essential during this time. Whether you're clearing snow, playing in it, or simply taking a look at the weather's impact throughout the storm, you'll need to ensure you have minimal exposure to the elements by covering up before heading outside. We have a few tried-and-true recommendations on some of the warmest fleece accessories to keep you snow storm ready here.



8. First aid kit (complete with bandages, isopropyl alcohol and antibacterial ointment)

Snow Storm and Nor'easter prep guide

You want an emergency first aid kit to cover the worst case scenarios, but don't forget about the lesser inconveniences of life. Headaches, toothaches, splinters and muscle strains don't seem to care much about storms, so they can be more than happy to strike at the most inopportune time. Avoid being miserable by including some OTC pain & fever reducers in your kit, along with a triple antibiotic ointment and simple things like chapstick and eyedrops.



9. Utensils: Can openers, a camping spork and a durable cup

How to survive a noreaster or snow storm - advice from Vermonters

Make sure you have the bare-bones basics included in your at-home (or in-car) supply kit. Anyone who has tried to open a can without a can-opener knows why. The frustration of being ill-equipped to consume the water and food you've so diligently acquired simply isn't worth it! The right gear can and will make all the difference.



10. A good book (or three!)

How to survive a Noreaster snow storm in comfort with kids

Well, the power is out, the storm is raging, and here you are with no television or phone to lend the time to. When being outside in the snow isn't safe, you'll need an activity to help keep your mind off things. Be sure to have some unread books around (both for you and the kids!) for easier quiet time. Knitting, crosswords, jig-saw puzzles, drawing paper and art supplies are also surefire ways to keep your mind as healthy as your body. 


Have anything else to add? Let us know! We'd love to hear about your experience weathering-out a storm and whatever you used to get through it.