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The idea of using a base layer under your winter clothing is a long-held practice used to keep your body from getting too cold in cold weather. A balaclava is a hat that acts as a base layer for your head. It comes up over your scalp and surrounds your entire dome, with some options even offering partial face covering for greater protection. Use a snowboard balaclava to keep your whole head comfortable and warm when you’re shredding the slopes. Browse our popular selection of ski balaclava options to find the style and fit that will work best to keep you and your
family warm and cozy during your time outdoors this winter.

Balaclava FAQs

Q: What is Shellaclava?

A: Shellaclava is a playfully named variation of a balaclava, designed by Turtle Fur. It combines the functionality of a hood and a neck gaiter, offering full coverage for the head, face, and neck in colder conditions.

Q: Does a balaclava protect from the sun?

A: Yes, a balaclava provides substantial coverage and can offer protection from the sun, making it a versatile accessory for both cold and sunny conditions.

Q: How to wear a balaclava?

A: To wear a balaclava, pull it over your head, ensuring the face opening aligns with your eyes. Adjust as needed to cover your neck, chin, and head, providing full-face protection in cold weather or when sun protection is required.