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Whether you are accustomed to frigid winter temperatures or are still learning how to adjust to the cold weather, staying warm outdoors during the winter requires the use of the proper gear. At Turtle Fur®, we specialize in designing comfortable, high-quality products that keep you warm enough to play in the great outdoors all day, especially during the winter. For keeping your head, neck and face nice and warm, we suggest one of our popular balaclava ski mask options.

The idea of using a base layer under your winter clothing is a long-held practice used to keep your body from getting too cold in cold weather. A balaclava is a hat that acts as a base layer for your head. It comes up over your scalp and surrounds your entire dome. Some options even offer partial face covering for greater protection. Use a snowboard balaclava to keep your whole head comfortable and warm when you’re shredding the slopes. Browse our popular selection of ski balaclava options to find the style and fit that will work best to keep you warm and cozy during your time outdoors this winter.