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Winter is a great time to be outside, but only if you're dressed for it. Your outdoor gear should consist of winter boots, insulated pants, a parka or similar type coat, gloves or mittens, and a balaclava. Why the balaclava, you ask? It is simply superior head gear. It insulates the neck and head from cold temperatures and biting winds that could otherwise cause significant heat loss. In addition, the best men’s balaclava will fit under a helmet or any other headwear you require for your sport. Thus, you have an extra layer of protection, and extra is always good.

Would you like to be a balaclava man? You've come to the right place, as Turtle Fur® has a wide array of options to appeal to every man. The Merino Wool with Tencel™ MaxClava balaclava is made of two great fibers that are blended together for breathability and warmth. Even better, the fibers are 100% biodegradable, so this is a sustainable wardrobe option. Try the Comfort Shell™ Stria Shellaclava™ for high-performance activities. Constructed with tech fabric, it wicks sweat and provides UPF 50+ protection to your neck and face. Find the Turtle Fur® headwear that's right for you and seize the day.