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When you’re in the market for stylish winter headwear such as a men’s fleece hat, Turtle Fur® has you covered! Even the coldest days of the year are no match for our luxuriously soft fleece-lined options.

On days when chill and rain go hand in hand, avoid saturated hair with our naturally rain-slicking ragg wool hats. Sporting an outer shell that will repel water, our ragg wool selection of fleece lined hats will help you stay warm and dry when you venture out.

To kick your head protection up a notch, check out our men’s outdoor hat options with UPF 50+ sun protection, such as our moisture-wicking Brain Shroud™ collection. Gain peace of mind while these hats block 97% of the sun’s UV rays.

If you are allergic to wool or looking for something vegan-friendly, we have a variety of suitable choices for you in materials such as polyester blends or 100% acrylic. Get the benefit of a woolly warm experience in a wool-free package. And, of course, any fan of repurposing is sure to love our Williamsburg collection which boasts 92% recycled materials.