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Arm yourself with the performance gear that protects you and empowers you. Every piece in our Comfort Shell™ Stria collection of women’s active gear is designed to shroud you in warmth and keep you feeling fresh and dry. Take winter frumpiness out of the equation. With sleek pieces like the Brain Shroud or the Shellaclava, our women's headwear fits seamlessly under helmets and wicks away sweat. Our lightweight pullovers are great for hiking the trails without weighing you down.

At Turtle Fur®, we aim to design women’s active gear that is as unstoppable as you. Our neck warmers can be worn in more than four ways and are super soft on your skin. No need to worry about scratchy wool that can cause unnecessary irritation. Stria fabric not only provides itch-free comfort, but it is also equipped with UPF 50+ protection that is perfect for protecting sensitive skin. Feel great knowing that your gear protects you from frigid temperatures and damaging UV rays at the same time.