New Year's Resolutions with Turtle Fur

New Year's Resolutions with Turtle Fur

How Turtle Fur Can Help You Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get outside more? How about finding creative ways to be more environmentally sustainable in your shopping? Are you looking for more opportunities to give back? If you resonate with any of the above, Turtle Fur has some ideas on how to help you crush these goals.


Opting Outside

If your New Year's Resolution is to have more outside adventures, play more on mountains, or take up a new sport, we have the gear to help.


Great for: skiing, snowboarding, running, hiking, snowshoeing, xc skiing, hunting

You might call it a neck warmer, gaiter, or buff, but we call it the Totally Tubular. With 150+ colors available and 10+ ways to wear, there is truly an option here for everyone. They’re multi-functional, pocket-packable, and provide warmth without the weight. What’s even better is the sweat-wicking capabilities and four-way stretch, meaning that when you’re out there working up a sweat, this breathable product will keep you dry (without sacrificing warmth).

Comfort Shell totally Tubular, buffs for skiers, neck warmers for snowboarders, buffs for runners


Classic Fleece

Great for: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, xc skiing, snowshoeing, hunting

You can’t go wrong with our classic fleece. It’s what we’re known for – it’s where our story began. In 1982, Millie Merrill left her mark on the winter sports industry with the invention of The Turtle’s Neck® – a fleece neck warmer that freed scarf-bound skiers from getting tangled up in their accessories. More warmth, without the bulk. All these years later, and this product is still a staple. With two layers of decadent fleece, the perpetually “rolling” nature of the seamless design is a one-size-fits-all winter necessity that is both insanely warm, and insanely soft. Pair it with The Hat while on your drive to the mountain to complete this classic look.

Classic fleece neck warmer, the turtle's neck neck warmer, neck warmers for skiers, neck warmers for hunters 


Under Helmets

Great for: skiing, snowboarding, hunting

Our under helmets work hard to keep you warm and dry on the slopes. Choose one of our Ninja balaclavas if you’re looking for the best option out there in comfort and performance. Our Comfort Shell high-performance Ninja gives you full neck, ear, and head coverage. The technical fabric is breathable and quick-drying, meaning even if you get a little sweaty on the slopes, you’ll stay dry. It also has a brushed interior, providing next-to-skin softness. Tuck it into the neck of your jacket to ensure no snow gets in (even during the most epic of wipeouts). Need extra protection on those brutally cold days? Try our Classic Heavyweight Shellaclava®. The Comfort Shell hood manages moisture and maintains heat, and the Original Turtle Fur® fleece neck provides optimal warmth and comfort. The hood and neck are seamlessly joined at the back, meaning no discomfort under your hat or helmet. Perfect for days when the wind chill drops below zero at summit.

Balaclavas for skiers, moisture-wicking balaclavas, balaclavas for snowboarders 



Great for: skiing, snowboarding, hunting

Kyle Overhood, snowboarder overhood, hood that goes over helmet Looking for something new? Take your pick from our line of Overhoods. These fit – you guessed it – over your hat or helmet. Our AmbassaTur’s (like Betha) like to pair them up with the Totally Tubular for double the protection on extra cold days + a brain shroud to wear under helmet as well. The Weekend Warrior Overhood is a breathable, quick-drying option that has a Sherpasoft™ Plush Fleece liner (meaning this feels insanely soft and cozy against your skin). And internal cinch cord provides you the custom fit you’re looking for. The Alien Overhood is a single-layer, midweight option made of Chelonia 150™ fleece. It has a built-in facemask with cinch cords to give you the coverage you need to tackle that trail you’ve been dreaming of attempting.



Great for: running, hiking, snowshoeing, xc skiing, alpine touring

Made of our technical performance fabric, the reversible I’m With The Band headband is extra-wide (giving you more protection and total ear coverage), breathable, and lightweight. With quick-drying and anti-microbial properties, it’s a great option for cold runs when you work up a sweat. For days when it’s extra nippy out, both the Double-Layer Headband (two layers of Chelonia 150 fleece) and Turtle Band® (three layers of Original Turtle Fur® fleece) are great options. Both provide excellent coverage from the cold, and feel soft and warm against the skin.

Cold weather headband, winter running headband, lightweight winter running headband 



Great for: running, hiking, travel

Brand Ambassador, Lightweight trucker, running hats, running truckers When selecting a trucker for running, we suggest one with a foam crown, poly mesh back, and snapback closure. This ensures maximum breathability, lightweight comfort, and a custom fit you need (key for days when the wind picks up). Most of our truckers even have a moisture-wicking sweatband on the interior, keeping you dry when you’re on that final leg of your long run. AmbassaTur Shelby (of Fresh World Press), rocks our Snow Creature Trucker when hitting the trails and tackling ultra-marathons.


Brain Shroud Beanies

Great for: skiing, snowboarding, running, biking, hiking, snowshoeing, xc skiing, hunting

Our Brain Shroud beanies are excellent liners for underneath helmets or hoods, but also make great stand alone hats for when you need coverage but you’re on the run (or hunt, xc ski trail, etc.). These snug-fit beanies are made of our technical performance fabric, designed with the active individual in mind. Lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, the brain shroud will be your go-to for all active, outdoor adventures this year.

Brain Shroud Beanies, Under helmet liners, running beanies, running hats, lightweight running hat, hunting cap 


Environmental Sustainability


Is one of your goals for 2020 to be more environmentally sustainable in both your shopping and everyday life? Turtle Fur’s green team is always thinking of ways to evolve our collaborative effort to protect the planet. For us, it starts at home – but expands to The Turtle’s Nest, to our products, and to our shipping.


How does the consumer see these efforts play out? We have partnered with Limeloop to offer a reusable shipping package to reduce waste. Every time someone chooses to have their Turtle Fur shipped in Limeloop packaging, 1 gallon of water is saved. You can choose to have your product delivered in a reusable shipping package while checking out on and choosing “Lime Loop Reusable Shipper”.


We also have a collection of products made from recycled content. Shop our products comprised of Polartec® Thermal Pro® Stria Fleece (insanely soft, incredibly warm). Not only are these products a more sustainable option, but the fabric has so much to offer – it maximizes warmth without weight, compression, and breathability. Shop the collection of products here.


Giving Back


Project Warmth began in 2008 as a local giving initiative, donating products to shelters, hospitals, schools, and family centers in and around our home in Vermont, has since expanded to helping those in need across 150 organizations in 35 states. We need your help to furthering our outreach in 2020:

  • It's a relatively simple initiative to participate in: Using social media, share a photo of wearing your Turtle Fur product, tag @turtlefur and use #projectwarmth in the caption. The donation can be doubled by tagging the retailer where the product was purchased.
  • We want to help your local community! Do you know an organization in your town that could use a donation of cold weather gear? Let us know here.


Whatever your New Year's Resolutions are, we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe 2020!