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Do your face a favor and check out the Comfort Shell™ Totally Tubular™. This multi-functional neck and headwear protects the most exposed areas of your body while delivering on a stylish performance. Practical persons will note the 10+ ways to wear the Totally Tubular, and comfort seekers appreciate the next-to-skin softness of the brushed interior. Pocket packable with a master’s degree in sweat management, Comfort Shell Totally Tubulars are also easy to maintain and often odor-free thanks to the anti-microbial design. Available in a multitude of colors and prints, it is an all-around-adventure kind of item, and the most awesome part of the Totally Tubular™ is the places you’ll go while wearing one.

Protects your Neck, Face and Head

Sideways rain, blowing sand, freezing wind, unforgiving rays, and those irksome beads of sweat that drizzle from your eyebrows — the Totally Tubular protects the neck and face from all elements of adventure. Thanks to the prime importance of navigating everyday life, facial features like the nose, ears, and neck often remain exposed to the elements. The Totally Tubular is made specifically to protect these sensitive areas from the sun, spray, and cold. With a UPF of 50+, the Totally Tubular blocks 97% of UV rays, a stat your nose, cheeks, and ears will appreciate for years to come.

Most Versatile Attire You Own

Shoes are made solely for walking and sunglasses help shield your eyes, but the Totally Tubular™ can’t be defined by a single purpose. Instead, this versatile attire evolves to meet whatever challenging conditions you encounter. Hot summer days transform the Totally Tubular into a headband, while a full facemask comes in handy for winter winds. It’s a hood, scrunchy, or hairband in the summer and a beanie, neckerchief, or balaclava in the winter. The many ways to wear a Totally Tubular are only rivaled by the number of adventures on which you take them.

Up to 12 Ways to Wear

Multi-Sport Functionality

From desert hiking to backcountry skiing, the adventure spectrum of the Totally Tubular is annular, spanning all four seasons and a variety of conditions. Backpacking in the Sierras, fly fishing the San Juan River, or paddling the Boundary Waters — you’d be hard pressed to find an activity where the Totally Tubular doesn’t come in handy. The multi-functionality of the Totally Tubular makes it an all-purpose kind of item, and the lightweight design makes it an easy essential to carry.

Lightweight and Easy to Pack

At 4.4 ounces, the weight-to-utility ratio of the Totally Tubular is off the charts. Low bulk and easy to scrunch into backpack nooks or pocket crannies, packing the Totally Tubular is easier than sticking a cell phone into your pocket. While the Totally Tubular’s performance is most apparent while covering your face, it’s this forgettability when not in use that adds extra value. 

Totally Tubular

Breathable & Quick Drying

The moisture-wicking abilities of the Totally Tubular manage sweat like new wipers on a windshield, and the fast-drying action that follows keeps you from needing to wring anything out. These same moisture-management properties aid in the breathability of the garment — which is never more important than when you have something covering your mouth and nose. Nobody wants to be inhaling their own exhaust. Alongside effective air filtration, other intentional design elements make for a comfortable fit.


First-Class Comfort

Like a great backcountry shelter or awesome log cabin, the Totally Tubular not only delivers protection from the elements, it provides comfort while doing so. The soft, brushed interior of the Totally Tubular is the main comfort source, like having an extra layer of smooth fur pressed against your skin. The 4-way stretch also ensures equal elasticity from every angle, catering to unique individuals the same, much like the many colors and prints available.

Stand-Out Performance

Making it personal, the Totally Tubular comes in a variety of colors and patterns. From solid tones like Planet of the Grapes and Orange Blaze to unique prints such as Snakeadelic and Straight and Narrow, each tube can be customized with heat transfer or custom embroidery. For other special interests and stylish options, camouflage prints from RealTree® and Mossy Oak® are also available for sporting customers.

Easy Maintenance

The anti-microbial materials of the Totally Tubular add extra peace of mind when the gaiter is sitting comfortably on your face. After numerous wears and extended stints in the backpack, when it comes to washing the Totally Tubular all you need to do is add it to a cold-wash cycle. A tumble dry with no heat will dry out the garment just fine, and simply hanging up the quick-drying item outside will be even quicker.

Other Awesome Attributes

While online ordering is only a click away, Turtle Fur provides a store locator, so you can find the Totally Tubular at your favorite local gear shop. If the local gear store near you doesn’t carry Turtle Fur (yet), no need to worry about the sizing when ordering online, because this one-size-fits-all apparel has yet to meet a neck or head it doesn’t agree with.