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Step into a realm of warmth, performance, and vibrant style with Turtle Fur's diverse collection of neck gaiters and neckwear. Our dedication to your winter experience is reflected in every stitch of these cozy essentials.

Neck Gaiter FAQs

Q: Is a buff the same thing as a neck gaiter?

A: Yes, commonly, people use "buff" interchangeably with "neck gaiter," a seamless tubular headwear.

Q: What is a neck warmer called?

A: A neck warmer is another term for a neck gaiter, serving as a versatile tubular piece of fabric to keep the neck warm in cold weather.

Q: How to wear a neck gaiter?

A: Simply slide it over your head and position it around your neck. Its versatility allows you to adapt it for various weather conditions and activities, whether as a snug neck cover, face protection, or even transformed into a headband or beanie.