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We’re thrilled to announce our awe-inspiring team of brand ambassaturs. We picked this incredible group of outdoor enthusiasts and content creators to represent our brand both in daily life, and out in the wild. Among our ranks, we have New Yorkers, Vermonters, and Coloradans. We have rock climbers, world travelers, and road trippers. We have coaches, psychiatrists, and marketers.

Our team is diverse.

Our team is small.

Our team is mighty.

Learn a bit about our team below. For more information on them, check out our #ambassatur blog.


Shelby & Jason

This power couple runs Fresh World Press, specializing in digital marketing. When not whipping up blogs or engaging on social media, Shelby and Jason can be found road tripping, camping, and soaking up as much time in the great outdoors as they possibly can.

AmbassaTurs Shelby and Jason

DB Palmer

When #ambassatur DB Palmer isn't busy running Alaska Online Counseling & Backcountry Professor, you can find him paddling, ultra marathon canoeing, dogsledding, and spending time with his wife, five kids, and 19 Inuit Sled Dogs.

AmbassaTur DB Palmer


Sachi Thornley

Meet our #ambassatur momboss. Although the Thornley clan will take on any general shenanigans, when Sachi and Co. aren't tackling homeschooling, you'll find them rock climbing (yes, even the kids!), hiking, camping, and more. Adventure is endless for this anything-but-indoorsy fam.

AmbassaTur Sachi Thornley


Anna Sadowska

This travel blogger and photographer is an all-around adventure seeker. You're most likely to find this #ambassatur repping Turtle Fur on the mountains, either hiking or skiing. When she's not adventuring, she's most likely writing about her adventures for her blog, Blonde in Transit.

AmbassaTur Anna Sadowska


Elizabetha Cochran

This avid fly fisher and hiker pretty much defines what it means to be an outdoor enthusiast. If she's not outside, you'll probably find her in the classroom with a gang of preschoolers (but we'd take a bet that she already has her next adventure planned).

AmbassaTur Elizabetha Cochran


Timmy Taussig

Vermont native, Timmy moved out west to Washington where he enjoys all that the northwest has to offer - snowboarding, surfing, hiking, the list goes on. On top of all that, he's a Wilderness First Responder Instructor. If you haven't picked up on the fact that Timmy lives to be outside, we're sure you will after reading more about him.

AmbassaTur Timmy Taussig


Eric Roberts

The mountains have been calling Eric since he was just 4 years old. Based out of Alaska, you’ll find him exploring higher altitudes on skis, in hiking boots, and in climbing shoes. He encourages all to move purposefully and patiently when on the mountain, taking the time necessary to fully enjoy and understand the space around them.

AmbassaTur Eric Roberts


Megan Liljedahl

As a Vermont native, Megan has loved being on the mountains since a young age. When she’s not chasing her two boys down the slopes at Stowe or mountain biking with the family, odds are she’s on another adventure (or blogging about one).

AmbassaTur Megan Liljedahl


Sarah Marks

This NYC based psychiatrist is all about travel, wellness, and body positivity. She loves to get out there, be that to the nearest apple orchard, or to the mountains of Patagonia. Have questions about the latest trends in food, culture, and travel? Look no further than Sarah.

 AmbassaTur Sarah Marks


Alan Brown

If you’ve ever thought about packing up your life and moving with just your dog and your car across the country, get some tips from Alan. Now residing in Colorado, you’ll find him on his snowboard or hiking with his best man, Zeus.

AmbassaTur Alan Brown 


Megan Bethge

If rock climbing and hiking are part of your love language, you'd get along with our #ambassatur Megan. Residing in Las Vegas, she's a Social Media Manager who likes to spend her spare time exploring all that the Southwest desert has to offer.

 AmbassaTur Megan Bethge


Are you Interested in becoming an ambassatur for Turtle Fur? Do you have a passion for the outdoors and a great social media presence? If so, email social@turtlefur.com with a bit of information about you, and why you’re interested in the program. If we think you’d be a good fit, we’ll get back to you.
Happy adventuring!




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