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Sometimes having the "whole picture" is better than just one piece. We here at Turtle Fur know that the best winter gifts keep you covered & stylish. For your viewing (and gifting) pleasure, we have outlined the benefits of our Original Turtle Fur® Fleece, Comfort Shell and Combination sets! Dig in to winter without hesitation, because now- you're all set!




You'll love the soft feel of our Chelonia 150™ fleece fabric and its ideal warmth-to-weight ratio, which keeps you insulated and warm without weighing you down through the plunging temperatures of Winter!

Chelonia 150 Pair up Warm Neckwarmer and Beanie in Soft Fleece Pair Up Fleeces


Turtle Fur's proprietary Comfort Shell fabric was designed to keep you dry, warm and comfy all day on the slopes! Enjoy its wicking and antimicrobial properties with every turn, especially when you pair up the sleek Brain Shroud Beanie and the Totally Tubular for extra coverage!

Comfort Shell Brain Shroud and Totally Tubular Pair Crazy Fun Prints from Turtle Fur this Winter!



The Original Turtle Fur® Fleece Set: Nothing is warmer than our soft, thick, plush fleece! Find your favorite color and by a set for the most brutal days of the season! Two layers of fleece trap heat to keep it against your head and neck - all is decadent comfort. 

Original Turtle Fur Fleece Pair Set Neck Warmer and BEanie Find FLeece Colors