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In the quest for the perfect partner, snow enthusiasts understand the challenge of trying to find an individual that can hang on the slopes as well as in their favorite après-ski spot. Meeting a wonderful mate during the off season only to discover they have no interest in snowsports come winter can be a harsh reality for someone like me whose free time is spent charging downhill at Stowe Mountain Resort.


Even when you do find a candidate that can shred, if the vibe isn’t right, the runs aren’t as fun. One time, I found myself contemplating ditching a ski date on Mad River Glen’s infamous Single Chair; as I rode behind him on the lift I seriously considered exiting at the mid station point and beelining it to my car. Recognizing how rude that would be, I ended up sticking it out for a few more runs. (I wonder if anyone else has found themselves having similar thoughts on this historic chair?)  #thestruggleisreal

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Ultimately, sharing an active passion with your partner has the potential to make a relationship stronger. The adrenaline, dopamine, and endorphins that your body cooks up while skiing or riding creates a sexy neurotransmitter cocktail amplifying the connection you and your significant other have. Here are some of my best pointers on how to have a successful time at the mountain together and make the most of those natural chemicals:


Communicate. That frustrating feeling when you look behind you and your significant other chose not to follow you. Be clear where you are going, especially when venturing off-piste. Cell reception is usually poor in the wilderness and you can quickly waste hours of your day trying to reconnect.


Honesty. That age-old adage, “don’t bite off more than you can chew” applies for everyone here. As a female who dreams of having the balls to launch off cliffs, I know when to voice where my limits lie. Additionally, don’t be the guy that gets injured on the first run because you felt like showing off. Keep it honest.


Trust. Trust that your partner isn’t going to lead you into a riverbed, and if they do, figure out a way to laugh about it.


Don’t go hungry or get too cold. Being hangry is bad enough, cold-hangry is next level. Pack snacks and extra warm accessories to swap out when yours are no longer blocking you from the elements. Having an extra Turtle Fur Brain Shroudfleece lined Neckula, or a Totally Tubular on hand could be the difference between tapping out after lunch or eating more powder for dessert! Extend your day by being prepared.


Sprinkle in some romance! This Valentine’s Day Sugarbush Resort is offering $14 lift tickets. With a deal that stellar it might be fun to look into local lodging options, perhaps one with a hot tub… Thankful for having found a main squeeze to slay pow with these are my plans for V-Day!

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The words ski + chemistry does not always refer to the science behind what color wax to use for the different snow temperatures. Being able to spend time outdoors with your lover and equally enjoy it can make or break a relationship. Don’t give up hope in the hunt—your perfect ski bunny or snowman is out there!


Happy Valentine’s Day!




All photo credit to:

Scott Braaten


(Except the chairlift selfie!)